Our program was created by Alyson Coyle in an effort to provide a safe environment for all youth to explore their creativity. Our program aims to include every child with an interest in the performing arts. Our director made the decision to not include auditions in our program as she feels our youth receive so much rejection and competition in life, that it’s more beneficial to show our youth that each and every one of them is capable of accomplishing anything they put their minds to. So instead of only a select few individuals shining in a lead role, the youth members all contribute to writing the show and get a voice in what type of role they want to play. Everyone should feel seen, heard, and valued in our program. This first session has been such a rewarding experience for all involved. We are excited to continue offering this program in our community for many years to come and are excited for all the talented kiddos we will meet along the way. 

Be apart of a Theatre Program where a role is written for YOU

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Every child has a place to shine on our stage. Join us to find your creative voice. Our students get to be a part of the entire development process from helping to write the show, designing sets, and then performing. Our kids all get to choose how they want to be involved in the program. My students all get to tell me what kind  of role they would like and we work as an ensemble to accommodate all wishes to allow each student to shine the way they want to.


Sign up for Workshop to enhance your acting skills

Actors are just like athletes... they must continually train in their craft. We offer workshops and classes outside of our show sessions to give our actors the opportunity to continue strengthening their skills. Check out our upcoming opportunities.

Workshops teach ages 4 and up!


Meet the Staff

We are thrilled to have such a passionate and highly qualified group of creatives on our staff. Each member goes above and beyond in their specialties to bring the best theatrical experience. Check out these talented people.

Alyson Coyle
CEO and Artistic Director

Alyson is a creative through and through. She graduated with a degree in film and television from New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts in 2015. She has taught at Barbizon, Love Acting, PARDs, Scottie Beans, and now Big Dreams. She then wrote her first short film “Mommy Makeover.” She continued to explore writing and wrote a play called, “Somewhat of a Fairy Tale” that her PARDs drama club performed at their summer camp. Alyson has found a way to spend her time writing, directing, running her own business, and making a difference in young creative’s lives. All of Alyson’s students become her family. She’s so excited to share her program, “Big Dreams Drama Program” with the world and hopes to continue bringing joy, confidence, and a safe place to as many youth as she can reach.

Nya Skipper
Technical Director

Nya Skipper is a senior at LSU pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Art. Nya has done multiple shows with Theatre Baton Rouge such as The Rocky Horror Show as Magenta, Sweet Charity as Helene, and Rock of Ages as Justice Charlier. While she loves to act, she is an artist at heart. Nya’s artwork can be seen on display at the Newcomb Tulane Museum of Art in New Orleans, she has interned for NASA as a 3D Modeler for the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans and is using We Are All Alright as her senior project where she will be pitching how digital artists can assist local theaters in digital twinning their facilities.